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Please note that the specifications listed above are to give you an idea of which detangler might work best with your springs. We will evaluate any spring or spare part you are considering and match the appropriate detangler to your specific spring or part design. Please go to contact page for more information.



The dimensions of the spring are one of the most important factors when deciding which spring detangler model should be used. Another factor to consider is how badly the springs are tangling and how this problem affects your productivity. We will gladly test your springs in order to determine which model is best suited for your application and provide you with our machine recommendation along with a written quotation and a video of the testing process.

Cut Down Your Costs

By eliminating time-consuming, separating of springs by hand,  your company will be able to reduce scrap rates, increase productivity and thereby save money.
TheC200 Detangler is the original table top, manual spring detangler which runs continuously and quietly with an electric motor and can handle many types of springs, including conical.   Springs are dropped into the top of the detangler where they are separated by

the blades on the rotating plate.  They are blown through the outlet chute and dispersed onto the tray for easy retrieval by an operator.   Any springs that might remain tangled are simply dropped back into the C200 for re-separation.


We offer several different models of manual spring detanglers (separators). The design and the size of the springs are the most important factors when deciding which model of detangler is best suited for each specific application. 

Our line of table top spring detanglers provide efficient tools to eliminate the handling problems associated with the manual assembly of cylindrical and conical springs. The C200, C400 and C600 are easy to operate and can work with a variety of spring sizes and shapes without re-tooling, or adding any special fittings. While specifically designed for springs, the machines also work well with numerous other metal and plastic parts, including rings, fasteners, clips, etc. Our machines are built to last and the variable speed extend the capabilities for different parts and springs separation sizes, materials etc.

Simple Operation

Small handfuls of parts are dropped into the top of each unit, where they are separated and distributed out onto a tray for easy retrieval by the operator.

The C400 Detangleris one of the larger of the C series manual spring detanglers and designed to handle small, medium and larger-sized springs along with other comparably sized parts. Tangled springs/parts are loaded into the top of the unit, where they are separated by the blades on the rotary plate and delivered through the chute on the front of the unit.  Controlled by a variable speed motor, the C400 can handle springs with a broad range in length and weight.
TheC600 Detangler is the largest of our C series manual spring detanglers.  Capable of handling medium and large springs and springs with extra length, OD or weight.