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A single FZ Series machine is capable of making seven different types of springs including:

•  Torsion
  Gun Magazine
  Wire Forms
  Constant Force is also available


One of the most difficult component parts to handle in assembly mechanization is any form of wire spring. Advances in feeder concepts allow routine feeding of some springs formerly considered poor candidates for mechanization. Certain spring forms, however, particularly opne ended spring and conical spring shapes, interlock so much that feeding from bulk is not practical. Spring fabrication as an integral part of the assembly process should then be considered. 

Riley, Frank J "Assembly Automation: A Management Handbook"

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Innovations are expected from industry leaders, and we design and build machines that serve as the benchmark for the most innovative advances in the spring coiling and wire forming industries to date.

A new level of performance can now be achieved with our newest generation of camless spring coilers. The full line of 4, 5, and 6 axis machines represent state-of-the-art spring production equipment and performance. The FZ Series is an ergonomic, user friendly machine that utilizes a Windows 7 interface. Adaptability is key in today’s competitive market. Each of our FZ Series Spring Coilers is developed for fast set up and changeover of springs using the powerful 19 inch touch screen interface. Our Spring Coilers can quickly produce a wide variety of springs and simple wire forms on a single machine, all with uncompromised accuracy, repeatability and flexibility.

SOFTWARE and features

With the FZ Series, small production runs can be profitable because a spring recipe can be easily recalled for quick set up. Preset production count automatically stops the machine when the desired production run is reached.  All designed for a fast and simple program creation.
The FZ series caters to our customers around the world by offering multiple languages on the HMI screen, such as Spanish, Chinese, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. Any language is available upon request.


We offer a wide selection of optional features to create a turn-key system for your business.
•  Integration of customer specific secondary devices using computer       

    controlled outputs
•  Custom Tooling
  Provisions for “Lights Out” devices for unattended operation
  Manifold lube system
  Laser probes for torsion winding and complex forms
  Integrated quality control with active feeds?
  Gauging systems for length control
  Product support and transfer systems
  Auxiliary sliding Arbors
  Special cut devices