One of the most difficult component parts to handle in assembly mechanization is any form of wire spring. Advances in feeder concepts allow routine feeding of some springs formerly considered poor candidates for mechanization. Certain spring forms, however, particularly open ended spring and conical spring shapes, interlock so much that feeding from bulk is not practical. Spring fabrication as an integral part of the assembly process should then be considered. 

Riley, Frank J "Assembly Automation: A Management Handbook"


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Comtech North America has been the premier supplier of automated/in-line spring manufacturing solutions serving various applications within the Medical Devices and Health Care industry, Automotive, Aerospace, Security Devices and more.

Because the applications have so many solutions, and based on our extensive knowledge of the available technologies and processes, we are able to guide you with the right advice and solution by offering different brands and capabilities depending on your specific project. You are not locked in with one manufacturer and because of this you achieve the best results to meet your needs.

Some of our customers (some go back 30 years) are still using our machinery today because of quality and service, small machine footprint, reliable products and solid customer relationships.

We were the first company in North America in offering advanced spring winders with heat treatment and other post manufacturing control options. These coiling systems have evolved to be more efficient, with higher outputs and extremely operator-friendly.

Available as well, we have a complete range of in-line spring handling solutions for spring and parts feeding and separating for your needs. Manual, semi-automated and automated applications. :   

If you want to learn more about the solutions we can offer for a particular project you have in mind, please fill out this sheet.

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Good, professional consultation will follow.

Because of decades of experience we will correctly determine what will be required in advance to provide you with the best solution.

Comtech has successfully worked with many highly qualified systems integrators (Automated Assembly Companies) offering the best service and quality in North America market and worldwide.


During the past 30 years we have gained considerable experience and know-how in spring manufacturing and design. Our engineers are ready to assist you in achieving your optimum spring design and coiling operation.

In collaboration with IST (Institute of Spring Technology) our Spring Lab provides consulting services regarding

·         Spring design

·         Calculations and testing

·         Spring samples

We can also help developing a spring that is suitable for separating but still fulfils the original customer requirements. Please send us an email to: sales@comtechnorthamerica.com